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The Cruelest Months

A first-year teacher in an inner-city school gets to know her difficult, ebullient, and memorable students. (Novel)

The Cruelest Months by Dorothy K. Fletcher - cover


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One Fiddle Too Many

An eccentric violinist is on stage in a 1901 murder case, and Detective Van Poole must tie up the strings. (Mystery)

Below are some of the hundreds of books I have edited. More are currently in production, in several genres. Among them are Into the Light of Day, David Law; HoJo Girl, Dorothy Fletcher; The Peculiar Chickens, Doug McMillan, and others.  Click the books below for links to author sites and other information.

The Fourth Vow

The closing of an order of nuns may leave a fortune up for grabs—tempting three women into a web of lethal choices. (Suspense)

The Ocean Under the Moon

A shrimp boat captain all his life, Nick believes in work and the American Dream. Then the dream crashes. (Novel)

The Pelican of Fernandina

A 21st century danger surfaces in a tiny, historic town—terrorists are plotting a dire form of mayhem. (Mystery)

Zero Day

Logan Alexander, former Navy Seal, battles Chinese cyber hackers plotting to destroy the U.S. economy. (Thriller)

The Savannah Project

In the first in a series of thrillers, Jake investigates a mysterious plane crash and soon is hunting for an assassin.

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Trail of Deceit

Four college friends set out for a weekend hike on the Appalachian Trail. A killer turns their trek into terror. (Suspense)

Letters from Between the Humps

Stories & revelations of an American lawyer in Kazkhstan, as it was being freed from the Russian regime. (Memoir) 

Monk Monk & Me

Gracie is sad when she learns of her Grammy’s illness, but then she meets a lovable new friend who helps her heart feel better. (Children)

The Beach Walkers

A story of mothers and daughters, of kinship lost and friendship found on a sea island in Florida. (Novel)

Blood Memory Society

Tangled in  deadly intrigues,  a scientist must protect a young woman who possesses her ancestors’ memories.                           (Thriller)

Thank You for the Shoes

A determined Italian boy emigrates to America and meets extraordinary challenges in a spirit of love and triumph. (Biography)


The story of a remarkable  woman, gifted with brilliance, beauty and charm—and a love story spanning more than 60 years. (Memoir)

My Soul Belongs  to You

From different continents, two lives are pulled together by something mysterious—is it fate or fairies? (Romance)


The Paloma Crossing

Sheriff Hardin Steel goes after a corrupt judge and a drug cartel armed with missiles along the Rio Grande.   


The Death Law

A new law ordering death for senior citizens no longer able to care for themselves shocks the nation into turmoil and havoc. (Novel)

The Trinity Knot

A victim of assault, Gabriella struggles to give a voice to her feelings and find the strength to love again.

(Women’s fiction)

The Lost Twin

Deception, distrust and danger rip apart the special bond between twin sisters. (Novel)

Grace Notes

Stories about traveling the path of wholeness and living life fully, joyfully and honestly.


Peck High School

Captures the rich legacy of an early school established to teach African-American students in a historic small town. (Nonfiction)

Letters from Zulu

A Navy couple’s true story of how they endure and survive the toughest journey of their young lives. (Nonfiction)

Lying for a Living

A Southern suburban rogue becomes a reluctant, unlikely hero in an irreverent  mid-life coming-of-age story. (Novel)

Tidewater Hit

After rescuing a victim of a boating hit-and-run, Abbey Taylor finds herself the next target of a murderous  stranger.