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Excellence in language, writing and style

*  Ability to help writers clarify thoughts and organize material for more effectiveness

*   Expertise to tighten and strengthen copy for a professional manuscript

*  Willingness to work with individuals to help them achieve their aims

*  Familiarity with the  publishing field and the process of going from draft to printed book—and beyond.

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“My book came out a thousand times better than   I ever dreamed it could be.

George Zeller, Beyond My Father’s Farm

Noteworthy Editing Services for the past 19 years has been based on Amelia Island, a special place on the Atlantic Coast.

No matter where you are, my editing and writing services are available.  Thanks to email and phone, it’s easy and convenient to work together.

I edit and write for authors and clients all over the country, in Canada and elsewhere.



Emily Worthy Carmain

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