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My career has included reporting, feature writing and copyediting for newspapers, producing magazines and newsletters, and editing for publishers and authors.

I find the greatest satisfaction in working with writers and editing manuscripts. I edit all kinds of writing, from nonfiction and memoirs to historical novels, action-suspense, young-adult books and mainstream fiction.

Words have fascinated me as long as I can remember. From my first well-worn copy of Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses, I was hooked. I devoured Joel Chandler Harris stories, Nancy Drew and everything else I could find. In time, I was captivated by the wonderful words of Twain, Austen, Christie, Michener, John D. MacDonald, Jack McDevitt, Pearl Buck and hundreds more.

A wise teacher once told me that the best training for good writing is to read, read and read some more. The same is true for good editing.

It takes more than just knowing the rules of grammar or catching inconsistencies, typos and redundancy. It requires an innate awareness of what works and what doesn’t, when a phrase is out of kilter or jarring, wording is stilted or a character lacks life—and whether a story is being told well or not.

 Because I appreciate the tremendous effort that writing takes, my editing goes beyond fixing or critiquing; I work with individuals to help them attain the results they want. I identify mistakes or problems and recommend revisions. You may review, accept—or reconsider—comments and changes, or discuss if you like.

But always, it is your book. You, the author, have the ultimate say in your creation—as well as the credit and success.

                                                    Emily Worthy Carmain         




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· Professional writer and editor with 30 years of experience

· Hundreds of published articles (magazines, newspapers, websites)

· B.A. degree in English and Humanities from Emory University

· Member of Cassell Network of Writers

· Former director of the Amelia Island Book Festival, an acclaimed regional literary event

· More than 25 awards from professional organizations


“Emily’s perception not only of the overall structure but also of the minute details makes her an excellent editor. Her wisdom, support and good humor resulted in a totally enjoyable editorial experience.”

 — Katherine McCaughan, author, Natasha Lands Down Under

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