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Editorial services for writers and publishers of fiction and nonfiction


What Does It Cost?

After I have a look at the manuscript or an excerpt, and we know what services you want, I will be able to state the cost.

Reviews/critiques typically begin at $100 (partial manuscript); full manuscript critiques at $250.

Editing fees vary by length, complexity, writer’s experience/skill, deadline, etc. Average range: 2-4 cents per word. 

Synopsis/query letter: $175 to $250.

The amount of work and time needed depends on several factors, which I can determine once I see the manuscript and discuss your goals. Writers may be at various stages, from novice to advanced, and want different levels of help. Please email for more answers and details.

 Complete Manuscript Editing

· Comprehensive line-by-line and content editing; recommending revisions.

· Smoothing, strengthening and tightening copy for more impact, reader appeal and increased marketability.

· Polishing narrative, dialogue, pacing and other elements.

· Detailed checking of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, clarity and other needs.

· Phone consultations to discuss and resolve questions or problem sections.

  Review & Critique

· Reading manuscript to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for potential improvement.

· Reviewing narrative and book structure for organization, flow, pacing, point of view, character development, and other areas.

· Providing a written critique with suggestions and recommendations.

Proofreading & Submissions

· If your work is in final draft form and you’re preparing to send it out, a thorough, professional proofreading could catch those little “oops” and gremlins that can slip in no matter how many times you have read the material.

· Assistance in putting manuscript in correct format for submission to publishers/agents, or for other publishing alternatives.

· Writing or reviewing/enhancing your book synopsis and query letter.



Professional editing services of several kinds are available for writers and publishers. They can be customized to provide exactly what you want and need. Here are some examples:


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“Emily’s input made a tremendous difference in the quality and readability of my manuscript. She didn’t sugarcoat the problem areas and I appreciated her honesty. Like fine sandpaper, she lightly smoothed and polished my work until I had a manuscript worth publishing.”

  Chuck Barrett, author, The Savannah Project and other suspense thrillers

What Kind of Help Do You Need?


“… manuscript is wonderfully edited and reads like a dream. The novel is so much improved that we've offered [the author] representation.

— Donna Eastman, ParkEast Literary Agency