Noteworthy editing services

Own Yourself

A guide written for men, about personal values, life skills, work, relationships, and attitude. (Nonfiction)

Path of a Patriot

Tracing the life of a South Carolina colonist, officer of the Revolution, and governor of a new state, Kentucky(Historical fiction)

Path of a Patriot - by Dale Pedrick - book cover

Real Principals Have No Class

The new principal is determined to keep a time-worn little school alive and growing. (Fictionalized real-life story)

Beyond My Father’s Farm

A man recalls a life ruled by a hard-driving father, and makes discoveries  that help him to understand the past.  (Memoir)

Angel in a Fur Coat

Sparky is no ordinary angel—she’s about to trade in her wings for life as a dog on earth. (Children’s)

Riddle Me a Mystery

The six young “River Rats” solve a riddle left by a soldier of long ago. (Young adult)

Heat of the Island

An out-of-the-blue phone call sends a woman to the tropics, and new horizons in mid-life.(Novel) 

A Glimmer of Hope

After a kidnapping and a million-dollar ransom demand, a complex scheme unravels, and a race to save two lives. (Suspense)

Songs of the Archaeopteryx

A collection of short stories—from serious to funny and magical—about the love of small planes and flying.

In From the Cold

A CIA operative gives an insider’s view of covert activities in intelligence and counterterrorism around the world. (Nonfiction)

Almost to Eden

Two young immigrant workers fall in love on Jekyll Island in the 1920s, beginning a saga of three generations.(Georgia Author of the Year)

One Fiddle Too Many

An eccentric violinist is on stage in a 1901 murder case, and Detective Van Poole must tie up the strings. (Mystery)

Natasha Lands Down Under

A Russian girl emigrates with her family to Australia, starting a strange new life. (Moonbeam Children’s Book Award)

So Shall You Reap

A college football champion faces disaster when he seeks revenge on a drug network—and uncovers secrets close to home. (Suspense)

Evolution: The Greatest Deception

A geologist and oceanographer defines evidence for divine creation, a young earth, and aspects of science and beliefs. (Nonfiction)

The Beach Walkers

A story of mothers and daughters, of kinship lost and friendship found on the beaches of a sea island in Florida. (Novel)

Below are some of many books I have edited.  More are currently in production, in several genres. Among them are Finding Gilead, Dorothy Fletcher; The Secrets of the Magi, Loah Swanson; Palate Paintings, Don Parker; The Treasure of Jean Lafitte, John Gillgren; Letters to My Sister, Gerhardt Thamm; Murder Between the Lines, Linda Allen; Trail of Deceit, John House; and others.

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The Fourth Vow

The closing of an order of nuns may leave a fortune in assets up for grabs —tempting three women into a web of lethal choices. (Suspense novel)

The Ocean Under the Moon

A shrimp boat captain all his life, Nick believes in work and the American Dream. Then the dream crashes. (Novel)

The Pelican of Fernandina

A 21st century danger surfaces in a historic little town —a group is plotting a dire form of mayhem.(Mystery)

Lacey’s Chain

When rumors spread that Lacey has died from an overdose, she lets the deceit go on—not suspecting the changes ahead. (Teen fiction)

Love, Greed & Lies

In the 1930s, a baby—one of twins—is adopted secretly at birth. After 80 years, a shocking threat reveals the past to two families. (Novel)

Cooper’s Revenge

A former Navy Seal assembles an elite team for a raid into Iran, where the secret Qods Force is developing new weapons for terrorism. (Thriller)

The Journal

Two courageous sisters deal with a trauma from their childhood, only discovered after another sister’s death. (Novel)

The Savannah Project

Sent to investigate what looks like a routine air crash, Jake sees signs of sabotage and soon is hunting for an assassin. (Thriller)

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