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What To Expect

A cleaner, clearer, more readable manuscript.


A guiding hand for improving, tightening and strengthening copy—while preserving your unique style and voice.


An objective eye, personal attention and empathy for your goals as a writer.


The know-how to turn out a professional product for a good first impression.


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After you’ve invested the countless hours, the talent and the creativity to write a book, you deserve for your work to have the best possible chance of success when you submit it for publication.

Many writers ruin their chances by sending out manuscripts that fall short of the quality the author wanted to attain—and the quality that today’s competitive market requires.

First impressions definitely count with publishers and agents, who are quick to discard a submission flawed by mistakes. And writers who choose to publish their own books also find that an unedited, poorly proofed book will not win many readers.

Whether it is your first book or your tenth, you reach a point in working on a manuscript where your eyes no longer spot the errors or gaps. You become so familiar with it that your mind “sees” what you meant to say.

Even the most experienced, famous authors know the value of having a good editor working with them through drafts and revisions to their final goal.

You can, too!

Emily Worthy Carmain

Editor & Writer


Give Your Manuscript

the Professional Edge

Polishing your book for a publishing shine


What writers say:

“When I finished my novel, a helpful book store owner suggested that I find a really competent editor who would agree to read my manuscript and hopefully accept to edit it from top to bottom.  Noting my baleful expression… he said, ‘You need Emily Carmain!’  To my great relief, Emily proved to be an unpretentious, bright lady with a great and natural sense of humour.  She also proved to be a highly skilled literary plastic surgeon with the sensitivity to be both encouraging and compelling without being commanding.”

   — Peter Timmins, author, The Fourth Vow